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Report from a few places

It was a medical necesity that I get something on the end of my line today. I managed to do it but I kind of had to cheat.

I started the day with Mike at the Canal Herring run. Two hours of casting netted me one lost fly. Mike left for other adventures and I headed over to Wacky.

I took the "easy" hike to the jetty and spent another couple of fruitless hours. Starving, I headed back to the truck and swept the beach on the way. Again, nothing.

After some Micky D's I went to the fall back position. The Nuke plant. It was the first time I had been there and while it is a nice spot it sure is not condusive to multiple fishermen. This stop made the trip. The weather was really quite nice and the fish were very cooperative if small.

I feel so much better but a little cheap.
Tight Lines,

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