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I recently bought my first jar of Soft Body (thin) and used it to coat a couple of foam popper bodies. It definitely has some benefits over Softex (no odor or toxic fumes, dries clear) but it does take a bit longer to set and doesn't seem to be as flexible as Softex. The Soft Body is more like plastic and the Softex is more like rubber. This may or may not matter depending on the application. I haven't tried the Soft Body on feathers, fur or synthetics yet so I'm not sure what it's like on those materials. The thin formula is quite watery and I had to apply a couple of extra coats around the eyes in order to smooth over the edges of the eyes. Maybe the thick formula would be better for this? Soft Body seems like a great product, but I'll have to use it in some different applications and do some field testing (hopefully lots of field testing ) before I can say that it will completely replace Softex for me.

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