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"One deviation I can see, however, is in extreme low and clear water conditions. I seem to do better with very small un-obtrusive patterns with minimal motion in these conditions. Small white streamers with stiff polar bear wings are my bread and butter during these times."

I agree water level, size and clarity are key. I usually downsize to a small steelhead bugger..........maybe even as small as a sz. 10 at times, bucktail streamers which tend to appear sparcer in the water etc. However I do like Pine Squirrel zonker skins and they make some dandy downsized Zonkers for low, clear or pressured water conditions.

I should have put the "Creek Chub" on the list it came in right after the darters & dace as far as quanity. A bit larger size also, which is fun. I am sure Steelhead give them a wack now and then. One of the chubs "creek or river" also had a purple upper body sheen if I remember correctly.

Maybe someone can post a picture or drawing of one ?
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