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All of my early steelhead successes came on streamer patterns and my best steelhead day ever was on my brown trout weamer. I think the trick, as Bill has mentioned, is to design a minnow imitation that has adequate movement when swung as opposed to stripped. It requires us to design our streamers more like wets (the reason for my use of the 'weamer' name). The fly is still a baitfish imitation but its construction owes more to wet flies than to standard streamer construction.

I've mentioned it elsewhere before -- my biggest concern with standard streamers when swung, is their tendency to droop the hook in weaker currents, producing a ">" profile between the long shanked hook and the wing. The downturn eye on most streamer hooks exacerbates the problem. A wet fly on a TULE hook, constructed to imitate a baitfish, seems to produce a fly that swims right, even in weak currents.

Last time out, I broke the point off of a weamer so I cut it off and tossed it casually into the water. As the fly slowly sank, I was surprised to see it correctly oriented itself into the current, maintain a level position, and slowly "swim" as a dropped back and down in the weak current. I think that this sort of characteristic is essential for a streamer that may frequently be swung through weak currents as well as fast ones.

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