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RE:5/13 PI A.M. Report

The wind was a light breeze coming from the east. Just enough to make my QD 325 loose 1/2 it's distsance. Then after a move and a line change wind got lighter and I was able to belt out plenty of intermediate line. I found that the QD is tough to handle in the surf. Int. was big improvement. I was the only guy I saw yesterday with a flyrod. Consequently less fish, but the first one I landed was a result of switching to the lucky Bass River clouser I tied (first homemade fly one rememeber?).
If ever there was a time to fall to the dark side, that was it. Anyway, watching Sully hoist in a couple twenty something inch fish sure was a treat. OH ya I took some photos too. Trying to finish spool to get Clave photos going.

Question: This is my first year being a striper hound this early in the season. Is it usually this good? Is this the typical May action or are we seeing a better than average

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