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Report: South Sound Searuns and Resident Silvers

In the middle of the snowstorm in Seattle at 6:00 AM, my buddy and I departed for the cool waters of the south sound. Arriving at 7:30, we had great success at two different beaches. Between us we landed an even dozen fish, including 3 resident silvers and 9 cuththroat. The impressive thing though was the size of the fish. The smallest fish caught was 11 inches, but all others were 14 and larger. We landed three cutts that were over 16 inches. Most of the cutthroat were chrome with golden accents, with males showing the begginings of kyped jaws. The fish were some of the fattest searuns I have caught! The flies that worked for us were sand eel patterns all day long, and the bite never did seem to die. We found that standing in 10 inches of water and casting in an arc before moving was best. We used slimelines with 5 feet of 3x tippet and used a fast continuous one handed strip.
-Thomas Buehrens
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