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RE:Joppa FF Report

Pete -

Sounds like you guys had a good time... wish I was there! I almost did it but that little guy on my shoulder with the halo said "just say no" and I opted for pressing a clean shirt and donning a suit instead of waders. Good thing, I had a productive day at an important time.

Blue Northern seems to be making the right moves. They are doing a great job with their fly shop! I don't get in there enough myself.

On the topic of PI, I noticed the water was quite warm. The activity in the river has got to be related to that. The stripers have been backing down with the ebb and have been sitting in large concentrations by the boat docks at low slack. Although they were swirling way out of reach they were still patrolling around the drop offs even after the turn when I was there. I also slowed the retrieve (shock and stop) and hit several more after the turn. Clearly the birds pushed up with the mass of fish until they were way up at Joppa and soon out of sight. I'd imagine the upper river is getting it's share of activity on the flood too, like last year.

When the water warms up on Joppa and the surrounding area, the end of the refuge gets the fish as does the Crane's and Little Neck areas. My bet is that Hampton is good way up inside near the numerous channels and creek mouths until it warms. The PI River should be good in these conditions, particularly the expansive flats areas before Plum Island sound.

When contrasting the behavior of fish now verses their behavior last summer when the Merrimac was really warm, I'd have to say that it's a strong testament to their temperature sensitivity. They clearly preferred the bright cool water around Ipswich when Joppa was warm and soupy, but now the open water seems sterile in comparison to the brackish river water. The cape exhibits similar conditions.

Anyone happen to take a temp reading out on the beachfront?
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