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RE:Joppa FF Report

Doug -

Between an intermediate and a 325 QD you can cover just about everything on the New England coast with a 9wt. I'd say that big rips off a boat might encourage more grains than 325 to pull grocery flies under the standing waves, and geez when they get on the top I love poppers on a floater - but all in all the intermediate and sinking head lines are the 'meat' and 'potatoes'.

The 325 encourages a different casting style, which is easier for most casters but requires an adjustment period when you go back to a 'real' fly line. This is not a bad thing, the 325 requires less backcast (usually just one and only the head) and throws a respectable distance without a lot of effort. It gets down into the water column or can be stripped quick to excite fish up high.

Get the one with the intermediate running line for better depth penetration and easier use in big waves (outer cape, etc), and the floating running line if you fish in river currents more often than deep water or big waves. The latter is designed for steelhead and salmon in rivers, the floating running line mends easier and won't get a bow pulling the fly oddly downstream in a cross current.

Tom's place is looking pretty awsome, huh Pete?
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