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P.I. Report 5-18(was FF Joppa)

I coined a new phrase today: Whats smaller than a micro? A <b>nano</b>-bass. Boy we saw some today. I hung on till 4:00pm. Man I'm beat. Got to finally meet Bill Downing and Pete and Mitch. I've been snapping photos on my last 2 trips to PI to get rid of film so I could develop the Clave shots. I got a beauty this am looking down the beach, guys walking,
fishing, standing around. Half the on-liners in attendance. We gotta put up a P.I photo page. Very cool.
Bass today were very small. The bigger striper lot from previous sat. had moved on/out/ up wherever they go. After catching twinkies for a while the grown-ups thinned out to go to work. Final crew: Me, Bob, Pete, and Mitch. Bob and I did the death march to jetty and started picking up twinkies in the surf until Mr. Fat Seal showed up-game over. Then
everyone went off to work leaving me with the river to myself. Took a cruise to Salsbury side. Poked around. Access to secret spot blocked. Saw the chain bridge. Nice spot too.
Returned to P.I. , wind kicked up to 40+. Fished beach by Surfland- nada. Back to river. 2 foot white caps at Party boat. Got a couple more nanos down by 1st corner. Had a long conversation with a guide named Gerry Crete aka:"frenchy". Anyone know of him? Wow, free fishing and tying lesson riveside. The out going was setting up to a good looking low tonight. Anyone catch it?
All in all- good time. Off to bed.

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