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RE:Holiday fishing report

Its funny how anticipation distorts the reality of whats to be. I envisioned a couple of hours attacking chores sandwiched between long hours of fishing. The reality was a couple of hours fishing, around high tide, with long hours of yard work in between.

Fished Bass River, mostly across from Stage Island. The times I was there the flow was slow and little action apparent (none for me). Sat. AM I was picking up weed on every cast, got frustrated and decided to go over to Cold Storage. Walked east a mile or two casting, once in a while, but much going on. Nice being there though.

Sunday, did the same drill. Started at Bass river - less weed - so I spent a little more time - same results. Went to Cold Storage. The wind was out of the NNE. Decided it would be a good time to work on the backcast. Did that for about an hour then hit the chores.

I really wanted to take some time to explore and scope out access to various locations - didn't work out.

Juro, again thanks for the feedback.

Fred A.
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