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I had a look at the site, Hmmmm, .... could be fun.


... and I used to fish with my father in the lakes around La Torque( Speckled and lake trout).... in the 60's when you needed a tractor to get to the lakes and we had kerosene and Ice houses.... Went to school in Montreal for a year... but we drove north from Trois Rivere....I can still smell the Pulp mills . Can't remember the names of the lakes but they were about 18 to 20 miles west of La Torque
I've been stmping around the country side for a while in that very area. The Bostonnais River runs just north of the town of La Tuque and I fished there a while. There are some nice outfitters in the area too. Haven't been down for a few years though.

You'd be pretty suprised at the road access in the area now as the logging shows have opened up lots of areas.
Christopher Chin
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