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South sound report

After checking out the campsite firsthand last night, Roop and I snuck into a tidal inlet on the outgoing. Using QD lines and deep eels I hit a schoolie pretty quickly. As we worked our way around, I started to slow things down to allow better penetration into the fast, deep current and was rewarded by a snag that started to run for the atlantic. With the rod bent hard right down the the cork, the fish spit the hook. Oh well, it was nice to see that big fish were in the area.

We worked our way thru the schoolies and >thud< another butt-bender, this time ripping all the line out of the basket and working on the drag before >spit< Two big fish, two spit... a bit frustrated.

More schoolies later, a third screamer... a blue; ate thru the tippet on a drag peeling run. That's three big fish and none to shore.

We went onto a gorgeous inside flat. More schoolies for both of us, suddenly Roop gets nailed. The fish runs off to the edge of the flat peeling line like a porsche from Jeff's hands. After an epic fight, Jeff lands a "last-years keeper" bass for a photo as daylight fades into a cape cod sunset, and we head back toward the truck.

On the way back, the lights get dim. Stripers are now stationed in the current within ten feet of shore. I swing the sand eel so that it is straight downstream from me, and pick up a couple 24-26". The funny thing was a legal sized bass followed the eel right up to the point where I pulled it out of the water, and unfortuntely I didn't see it until it swirled and swam away.

Between the two of us we had caught numerous schoolies and hooked a few fish in the legal or near legal class in a couple of hours and were pleased with the day.

Life is good.
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