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Hi all,

My Bot just found this thread, so I'll jump in late.

I guess the question comes down to, What is fishing ??

Is it a right, a heritage, a privilege ?? And for who ??

I'm for reasonable access to ressources for (all) users. I'm also for the long term viability of ressource based industries.

IMHO, we need some "compromises" here. I think Ann says it best, "... Keep it accessible". Some Cat I rivers in BC have hurt local businesses as there is no longer a resident fisherie and the Big Cats that can afford the few Guide Services don't spend locally.

Accessible for who. Well all of us (resident and non-resident). Unfortunately Quebec LawMakers seem to prefer "wall to wall" regulations. If there is talk of mandatory guides, the gouvenement just might do that for ALL non-residents.

I guide part time, do I think this is a good idea?? NO !!
Christopher Chin
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