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Snake River Dams

Right on about Babbitt. Look who our secretary is now, a former lobbiest for the timber industry! If that's not the fox supervising the chickens, I don't what is.

One important point that I always mention when debating this issue with the Save Our Dams advocates is this is only partial dam removal. All of the four lower Snake River Dams are composed of a concrete structure on one side of the river and a huge earthen berm extending the rest of the way across the river. Only the dirt is to be removed. The concrete structure including the power house, turbines, locks and fish ladders will be mothballed. These valuable infractures will not be dismantled. They will be left in place and the dams could easily be rebuilt if we wished to do so in the future, all it takes is dirt. What does it take to rebuild a salmon?

I have read studies that claim the cost of removing the dirt from all four dams is less than the annual current cost of dam maintenace and dam improvements to make them more fish friendly.

How can any sensible individual refute temporary dam removal as a remedy in the face of salmon extinction?

This important aspect of the dam removal arguement for salmon recovery usually mollifies any fervent dam surporter, if not, take a 4 inch large arbor reel and....

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