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The " way the draws are run"topic was and is being discussed, but not as is being depicted here and on SAOL. There is a VERY big lobby of anglers here in Quebec that wish to severely curtail outfitter/guide activity on our Salmon rivers .It has become a very heated issue .You can read the recommendations on the FQSA site that were made to the table de Saumon .Concentrate on articles (if I remember right) 80 through 95 and you'll get a jist of where things are heading.
I attended the FQSA meeting at which the guide for non residents issue was raised and the proposal was largely shot down.However there WAS a VERY small (3 or 4) and very vocal group of individuals who insisted on reviving the issue in the future. I do believe ,however, that a severe curtailment of outfitter/guiding activities in the future is definately in the cards for 2006.
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