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Well, this topic is becoming very hot. My first post on this forum. As a member of the board of the FQSA, I think I have to clarify some points.

There are a couple concerns in this topic.

Is the question of mandatory outiftter or guide has been discussed in the last "Table Saumon". Yes. Is there an official request from outfitter? I would say no (as a member of the table, I need to keep some discussion at the table level, you will all understand). But sure there is some representation to that. Is there any support on this? Clearly no. Not from FQSA. As far as I know, not from GRSQ. Would say no from FQF. The last survey was clear. A change on the legislation should be approoved by the partners, not only by a group of interest. But even if the FQSA has recommended not to adopt a legislation for a mandatory guide, any change in the Nova Scotia legislation on this issue may occur to a revision of this position.

Regarding the fact the Miramichi is having much more fish than all Gaspe rivers. Right. And it will always be like it. Just a genetic question. With 70% of grilse, the spawning result will always require much more fish on the Miramichi than in the Gaspe river's where most of fish are MSW , and large % 3years MSW. The capacity to support parr is proportional to thw watershed and the number of eggs received, not to the number of fish (all size included)...Restigouche is also in NB...and will never have the number of fish of the Miramich! Everything is question of choice...size of fish and kind of water!

I think your concerns are justified, and it is an excellent time to express them. Quebec province is now at the corner of a big transition. There are some politic pressures for different things. But there is something clear. Non resident are always welcome here. The residents are AGAINST any restriction on pre season draw for non-resident (the last survey showed that clearly), even if non-resident would welcome a pre draw restricted to residents...also clearly showed in the survey. The result of the last draw in Gaspe is something that should have never happenned, and everybody working in the salmon world in Quebec (including Gaspe Zec) know why. The required changes are on the way to be implemented.

The FQSA presented a "Memoire" to the government last december. It has been presented to the "Table Saumon" also. This document is actualy on translation to be available in english by the next 2 weeks. It has already received the support of the FQF (Quebec Wildlife Federation), and been subject to very good comments from the press. I would suggest to everyone to read it, and after, to support and/or recommend changes if required. The FQSA is an open forum.

I wish an Happy New Year to all the members of this forum, and hope to meet you next summer

Pierre Manseau

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