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I have a higher than typical repulsion to napthalene and never use moth balls but airtight containers do the trick for me whether snaptight bins or ziptop bags. I haven't experienced any bugs in the materials since going to them. These bins and bags go into the Iris brand plastic roller shelves while at home and I pack travel tying kits into my suitcase for trips.

It's mostly the skins that are problematic. I have owned two blue-eared pheasant skins in my day, one was tanned as dry as crepe paper and gave me no problems, the other still had meat on it (figuratively) and rotted quickly. Bucktails are bad too. Many of my old bucktail patterns were for stripers and I have gone to synthetics for much of the niche they filled. I have a golden pheasant crest that stil has the damn beak on it but the hide is tanned so well it's outlasted dozens of other skins prepared incorrectly.

I would imagine the vaccum attachment to my foodsaver for mason jars would provide an airtight storage method for expensive feathers and stinky bucktails that would be hard to beat.
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