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Originally Posted by Toobroke
I have just picked up an Orvis Superfine 2 weight blank for a rod I'm going to build. Have never fished with anything lower than a 5 wt and am looking for a lightweight reel to put on it. I have Orvis Rocky Mt large arbors on both rods I currently fish with (5/8 wt Clearwaters) and love them, but don't think I'm going to find anything (affordable) as far as a mid/large arbor that weigh around 3 ounces. I'm an Orvis fan, but am open to any/all suggestions. Any recommendations out there?
Toobroke, I had mentioned this in an earlier reply to cshern's quest for a light reel...I own the Orvis Superfine 2 wt, 1 ounce rod and use a Bass Pro Shops White River Classic "Ultralight" on it. The quality of this tiny reel (2.5") is great! It fits the Superfine to a tee and holds about 40/50 yds of 12 lb backing with a 2 wt WF line, plenty more than you will ever need for anything you want to catch with a two wt! It is a machined bar stock reel with hard anodized finish. It only has a non-adjustable clicker for a drag, but at 2.2 oz, it balances this rod perfectly! These go for $89 and are available in black or gold/bronze. Spare spools are not listed on the website. Normally this wouldn't be too much of an issue with such a small reel, but I like to use a WF and DT in the smaller wts. I was told by a customer service rep at Bass Pro that these can be had by contacting Bass Pro's service dept. The quality is entirely as good as the Orvis Battenkill BBS II, but a much better balance for the rod. Some others of mention are the now discontinued, but still available 3.15 oz Abel TR-L (light), $155 on their website (down from $225)(spare spools are $60), also with clicker drag (adjustable with two hex nuts with the spool removed) and last year's Orvis CFO 1 (adjustable spring and pawl model, no longer made), at 3 oz even and still readily available on ebay. If you must have a disc drag, the current model Orvis CFO 1 is 3.25 oz with a smooth offset disc drag. The CFO's are simply great traditional trout reels. Hope this shortens your quest!

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