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It is not a rumour, but a fact….not only (guides mandatory) but some want a % (of rods on some rivers) before the pre-season draws in order to accommodate their clients.

As SpeyGuy66 has mentioned:
Yes, residents of Quebec are concerned with the large increase in the number of non-residents that have been coming out in the preseason lottery draws. And yes, this problem exists because of a select few individuals that are financially able to take advantage of the current rules and regulations.

This has made all the Québec newpapers since November and still is!!!

I too think, non-residents shoud not have to suffer because of the actions of the select few.

As I stated before on another board
A guide or an Outfitter, should be a question of personal choice.
Some don't need guides and some don't have the budget for guides.
Some prefer guides and others like a luxury trip.
Fishing must stay accessible to all!!!
Fishing is about getting away from life stresses and enjoying yourself (alone, with a buddy or a guide....whatever!!). It's there for matter who you are, "cast a fly" and make it your million dollar trip!!
It also gives the opportunity to some anglers to come with the whole famliy (at a price that works for them..) and stay longer and do other things in the area than fishing.

I also think this will hurt our economy (hotel, motels, restaurants, fly shops, gas station etc….)

It is great, we are seeing more kids fishing ……I am not sure some will be able to afford bringing the whole family if this happens.

Will this become a sport only for the Rich???
Are we returning to “Private Clubs?”

There is place for everyone, Outfitters, guides and anglers who want to fish on their own. The present rules and regulations are being reviewed (hopefully for the best!)

I think, It’s time to address your concerns.

This is urgent, rumour has it, a meeting is set for mid-February…..

Count me in!!!

Actually, I have already started my homework.........

I will not go any further in this discussion

(Let's keep it accessible!!)

Keep'em in the water!!

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