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Stupid proposal

Oh god here we go again! I quit fishing Newfoundland for exactly the same reason. Who do they think fishes all the catch and release season. Not the locals and not the guys with money. It is the journeymen fishers (read; guys without money) that bring money to the local economy early in the season. It looks like it is time to start writing some letters. ANN HELP what can you tell us about this? It is not too long ago we had to write with regard to the native fishery. Are those addresses still valid? Brian, Charlie any INfo? With what I have learned in the past we have to get organized really quickly to make a difference.
Speyguy 66 where did you get your info. and have you confirmed this is the case?
If this is more than a rumour then we have to be VERY VOCAL if we hpe to continue fishing the Gaspe'.
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