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Proposal in Quebec

As many non-resident salmon anglers know, there currently is no law that requires us to either book through an outfitter or retain a guide to fish the many salmon rivers of Quebec. I think many of you may like to know that currently there are several outfitters in Quebec that have just made a proposal to the Government that all non-residents must either book through an outfitter or guide service to be able to fish any of the salmon river in the Province. I've been salmon fishing for over 15 years and have spent most of the last 10 years fishing in Quebec for a variety of reasons. One of which is the fact that I can fish on my own without a guide or the use of an outfitter. I spend up to a month each year in Quebec and although I may not fish every day, I do fish from between 15 to 20 days during my stay. To have to pay an outfitter for services that I do not need, I feel is unnecessary. It is not that I am against outfitters at all, in fact, my first few years of fishing in Quebec I had used the services of several outfitters to help me become familiar with the areas that I was fishing. Over my month stay in Quebec I will say that I do support the local economy by the use of hotels, restaurants and many other local businesses. Many of the towns that are close to the salmon rivers no doubt benefit from the non-resident anglers fishing in the area and although not depending solely on their business to be sucessful know that without them they would see a significan drop in sales. I know that the residents of Quebec are concerned with the large increase in the number of non-residents that have been coming out in the preseason lottery draws. This problem exists because of a select few individuals that are financially able to take advantage of the current rules and regulations. To my knowledge, this problem has been recognized and can only hope that it will be addressed directly and that all non-residents will not have to suffer because of the actions of the select few.

I truly hope that the Quebec government will not change the current regulations as it pertains to non-residents. I believe that the individual angler should make the decision to book through a outfitter or guide service if they desire, not make it a requirement.

I would like to hear any comments from residents and non-resident alike regarding this matter.

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