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John, there is a man named Jean Dufault that is the "King of Rochambeau" he`s probably 80 now and still fishes every day on his little Honda motor scooter. The guy is a legend and I have fished with him many times. I`ll see if I can set somthing up, a few years ago someone even did a video of him casting with commentary. Just a little background, his rod is a Lami 290 blank that hasn`t been made in 30 yrs., his waders have been patched so many times you can`t tell where the canvas begins and the patchs end, and they`re held up by rope. He disdanes the use of fancy leader material and opts for a 100 yd. spool of nylon sewing thread for 2dollars, Oh he thinks anyone under 60 is a dumb kid. I`m sure Art must have some stories, I can`t imagine he wouldn`t know him.
There`s no secret about how these people came here, it`s all in the history books and at the museum of Work + Culture in Woon., a part of the Blackstone Valley Historic Corridor. Thier sires were French market fishermen who immigrated to Canada and with the industrial revolution moved to New England for the jobs in the textile industry, and they brought with them thier traditions of Trout fishing for market. As I recall they used to spin tales of fishing with Harold Gibbs and of meeting Ted Williams at Harolds Meadow on the Palmer.
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