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Indeed she is cute isn't she. Who knows, perhaps she will join me once along some bank or coastline.

What I want to do with the foam is just get a thicker seating so I sit a bit higher above the water. The foam in the Caddis is only 1/2" thick, but it's possible to put a much thicker piece of foam (2-2.1/2") in it. I did so already and it would have worked if only the foam I used would not have been sucking water. It does get a bit heavy and on the drive home your car looks like as if you drove it through a car wash with the windows open.

It's a good idea to just ask it at Outcast. A straight line is often the best way. Have done so in the meantime and am waiting for their reaction.

I wish you all a very good 2005 with loads of fish and lots of fun.

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