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Sorry, I was interupted by some little mot%^$*Yer smashing the planter in front of my house, the downside of modern times. Anyways, I disagree with Juro`s discription of our cast in the area of the line traveling behind us. We only need a small amount of room behind us to cast a whole line. Spey, switch, roll, I don`t know, I`m no technician. The cast starts with the tip pointed at the fly, a strong haul and power stroke lifts the whole line out of the water. The loop in the back is pronounced but not large. Just as the line kisses the surface, in time with the loop forming, the whole thing is driven forward and another haul causes line to shoot out, a pop of the wrist at the force fades is enough to turn the whole leader over. One thing for sure this cast is very timing critical and takes a while to master, any timing error and the whole thing flops.
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