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I`d just like to give a little history here. In the 1800`s Rhoddy and all the northeast was saturated with an influx of Canucks who brought with them thier oun styles. These were not nobles who owned salmon rivers, they were peasant mill workers who fished to put food on the table for thier families and to earn a small pitance for what was left to sell. Up until a few years ago a substantial number of them still fished the way they had learned from thier fathers and grandfathers. They had no concept of spey or other cast, this was just the way it had always been. They fished stillwaters, with 9 ft. buggywhip rods and they used 9 wt. lines. they had no concept of catch and release. All they knew was this was the most efficient way to harvest a crop of fish, because to them that is exactly what it was , a crop put there my mother nature for thier use. They sold every fish they didn`t eat and they were the best dam trout fishermen who ever lived.
Modern times and an enlightened attitude have all but put an end to them, but the style they fished is still parctised, especialy on the Rhoddy ponds. It is sheer poetry in motion to see a man cast a whole double taper plus a 15 ft leader and be able to drop it on the nose of any trout that is foolhardy enough to rise within range. Any place where they could get 10 ft of room behind them was plenty.
This is the era I learned in and I consider it a privelege to have known some of the best.
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