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Old 01-02-2005, 11:03 AM
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well I have been doing things a little diffrent this year. every fish I have caught has been on big flies really big flies. mostly big egg sucking leaches 4in to 6in long all black with chart head. You may want to also try olive and purple leaches. Sculpins 3in to 5 in long. look back a few weeks at the sculpin thread there is a bunch of good flies in there. I also have been throwing the circus peanut in olive, I am sure it would work in black as well. In the spring and summer and early fall white baitfish patterns work well as well. I am not saying that small and medium sized flies won't/aren't working but I have chosen not to throw them. I have been targeting extreemly aggressive fish. now that temps have dropped I may have to return to some smaller flies. I will post picts for you this afternoon of the flies I have been using. next time I am on that side of the state fishing I will shoot you a pm.
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