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Another plane

I`ve always heard casting discussions on the vertical plane , but never on the horizontal . I been thinking about my casting stroke and have come to the conclussion that it is at least as important. As I learned from Juro when we had a chance to do some casting with his two handers, my stroke has been greatly influenced by what we used to call rollcasting but I`ve been informed it is spey casting. Anyway, while everyone talks about the 10 to 2 plane and tight loop control, I`ve developed more of a horizontal leaning to eliminate wind problems and the line crashing into itself. A water haul followed by a sidearm backcast with a strong forward haul allows me to attain 100` cast with no more than 3 false cast, the wind knots that plague others are nonexistant and I can change direction in a blink. If you were to see a pic of the horizontal plane it would resemble a large figure 8. I contend that someone who only considers the vertical is only using half the options available.
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