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I went on a weeklong vacation/fishing trip a couple years ago to George Town. I fished with a great guide while I was down there and caught fish, but the greatest fishing for me was what I found by simply walking the beach while my friend knapped in the afternoons.

Fishing on the atlantic side I found nice schools of small fish as well as cruising singles and doubles. What struck me most was how aggressive the fish were there. Toss a Gotcha anywhere near them and you were on. In fact, the smallest fish were the hardest, being in such skinny water. The bigger cruisers (I got several over 5 pounds) were much easier.

Of course, before going I dutifully tied up the full compliment of bonefish flies, but (like the guide assured me) all I needed was a Gotcha in different sizes and weights. Flies with too much color didn't seem to work - although I did catch a few on chartreuse Clousers and pink Puffs.

One warning, I'd stay away from the flat locals call the Airport Flat (if I remember correctly). It was on the Caribbean side and was reached by a rough car ride down a terrible road. On low tide you can walk across the channel to a mangrove island surrounded by a beautiful flat. Large schools of bones congregate there on a rising tide... and so do the sharks. No joke. They aren't terribly large but they are very aggressive. Any fish bonefish hooked there immediately became live bait and if you did manage to get it away from the sharks long enough to land it, it never made it back to the school.

I fished there with the guide one day and, following some directions from locals, found it again on my own. Of course, didn't realize where I was going at the time, but as I stood there taking in the view from shore I realized I was staring at "shark flat".

Good luck and tight lines,
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