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Originally Posted by juro
Salar 33 - welcome to the salmon forum! Your knowledge is well appreciated.

"white hot springer" - that brings shivers to my spine!


A "white hot springer" in the heavy water one can expect in early June not only sends shivers up a fisherman's spine, it scrapes skin from the knuckles. If you ever go at that time of year, be sure to bring heavy rods and extra lines -- you might lose some.



While I have not been going to the Gaspe' for as long as Salar33, I definitely second his comments. For what its worth, I was on the Matapedia last year during the last week in July and the fishing, as far as quantity of willing fish was concerned, was the best I have had in years.

Salar33's advice to use a guide, for at least one day if you are able, is right on. There is a significant difference between steelhead and atlantic salmon fishing. A good guide can really point you in the right direction.


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