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Morn'in Shaq,
Rain'in here in WNY this morn'in, should be hit'in there soon.
Give the RIO 7' sinking leaders in 5 ips to 7 ips a go or, make a 7'er from a type 6 shooting taper.

Fly selection, I have had much better luck on pressured waters with buggers, egg suckers, zonkers, deep minnows, sculpins, etc. in sz's. 4 down to 10 than I have the popsicles, spiders, etc.

When look'in @ western patterns think "summer run" for here of which the two most productive summer run wet patterns out west are buggers & muddlers. Save the popsicles for a trip to B.C.

Swing fly's/swing water tie up a few sz. 6 & 10 purple & white buggers. sz. 6 - 8 egg suckers, sz 4 -8 Zonkers , for the pockets, boulders, ledges,/ nymph water etc. try sz. 6 Emerald Shiner Clousers on a 2x -3x long bronze nymph hook with small & med. eyes, also all black with green K-Flash. Toss'em near the boulders and off the ledges............................and grab, shake, boom
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