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Ed Ward, steelhead machine, believes in the shorter faster sink tip fished on Skagit style lines. His Intruder flies use small weighted eyes for ballast and are surprisingly large but speaking from direct experience, they really work. His handle is Riveraddict, try searching on his posts or for the phrase "intruder", "skagit", etc. There is a lot to be learned from everything he shares.

To deal with this myself I prefer to approach the lie from a postion where my line will stay aloft longer at the end of the swing (get more directly upstream from the seam), reduce the hangdown where it touches bottom, or switch to a lighter tip and fish slow in the seam teasing the fish to come to the take, or move to a new spot. I don't like to touch the bottom at all if I can help it, and although most of my fishing has been in the PNW I had pretty solid luck with steelhead on the swing in winter months.

I think the key is to learn to identify with the river in an entirely different way than one does with gear. Ed Link, who is a seasoned steelhead guide out of North Fork Idaho in all disciplines of fishing commented that spey fishing has opened a whole new dimension in the way he sees the river. I believe it's that new perspective, a new way of seeing water - that leads to success on the swung fly.

In one sense it's starting from square one again but the discovery is fullfilling and with patience and persistence fruitful. For every bit of catching the chuck and ducker might get the swinger makes up for in satisfaction per fish, each one remembered as a victory and soon enough the experience piles up to give the angler proficiency and consistency on the water. At least this has been my experience!
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