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Good Evening

Well, it's pretty easy.

The three rivers here in Gaspé are York -Dartmouth - St-Jean.
They are divided in Sectors for 2 anglers, 6 anglers, and 8 anglers..or you can fish "Open waters" ( meaning no limit of anglers and no reservations required).

Rates for waters ( for non-residents) will cost between $ 56.36 +tx CDn to $ 123.00+tx CDN)
Then, lodging in town will be through Motel , Campgrounds etc....
Roughly: $ 60.00+TX CDN ( a motel for 2 anglers)and higher depending on your needs etc..

All "Sight Fishing"!

2004 runs were as follows:

York: 1892 salmon ( 682 were grilses)
Dartmouth: 1097 salmon( 640 were grilses)
St-Jean: 1063 salmon ( 386 were grilses)

Season: June 1 to September 30

Tight Lines for 2005!!


A few other rivers in the area!!
Keep'em in the water!!

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