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Nother thing: Just returned from a day's chummin in the Kilchis and Miami rivers. Hard finding fresh chums, but when we did find them, we had a wild time with the most active chums I've ever seen. My friend Rick hooked a hen that cartwheeled at least five times--orders of magnitude better display than typical. Yes, the fish was fair-hooked; others were almost as spectacular, but the creek (the Miami really flatters itself by calling itself a river) we were in didn't allow the fish to run much, so they mostly just jumped around in the timber.

The fish in both rivers were extremely skittish in the shallow, clear water. Although we saw hundreds of fish, we had very few fair hookups until we discovered a hole deep enough to hide resting fish. I think, as with most salmon, chums don't hit well when actively traveling. Mostly they seem hit only when resting and in a secure place (heavy riffle, deep hole). Contrary to the note above, we had excellent luck with large flies (No. 2), weighted, in chartreuse, fuchsia, what have you.

For the Tillamook area, it looks like the end of the run. Many, many fish were already covered with saprolegnia and actively spawning [yuck]. As I said, it was hard to find fresh fish, but when we finally did, we had a ball.

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