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Hi SalmonChaser!!

York in July....

Herre are my thoughts...

Open waters on the York are sectors 1-5-7-10
So, once you buy your daily access you are allowed to fish all pools in all these sectors ( adventurous.but, there's fish!)
At that time of year, here's what I'd do..

I'd make sure to be on the river early...
My first pool would be "Petit Saumon" sector 1.... if there are fresh fish around, they'll be hanging out there. ( a secret.... shhh!! Cross and fish it from the other side)
I would then go check "Baillargeon Pool" , it's a great resting pool for fresh new fish. Then go to " Huit Bouleaux".... I would cross and fish that pool real good, and at the very bottom.. ( could hold fresh fish).
Then I'd run to sector 5 " Gary" and Sentier" pools should hold a few... ( you'll probably need a water bottle to come back to the parking lot!!)

Sector 7 - Chute Pool will have fish, without a doubt, but probably many anglers waiting for a cast..... I'd prefer not waitng..I'd run to Guard Rail or Castor.
Castor is right below "Offie". . Once down to the river, there is a secret pool on your left, too...... ( walk a few'll figure it out!")

Then, I'd go fish a few Pools in Sector 10.... "Pont", Stony Beaver etc.... ( there could be very, very large fish in these pools....)

Then in the evening, I would try to fish those same pools in Sector 1 again, fresh fish are usually on the move and some never saw a fly yet!!

If you check at the Zec office, there is a book (open to public) telling you where people are catching fish..... ( it's reliable at 75%)

Photo: Castor Pool (Sector 7)

I would also consider flishing Sector 3 and 5 (open waters) on the Dartmouth!!
We had quite the fishing last season!!!

If you plan for the draws...
I would consider the following choices
York 8
York 2
York 9
York 3
York 4
York 6 ( the last because, if levels are low..... they tend to move out this sector, call at the Zec before entering the draws to know the levels)



shoot!! Now are my secrets are out!!
Keep'em in the water!!
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