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I can't say that I remember ever losing a fish due to the hook tearing out. Maybe a few have, and I thought they'd just thrown the hook. I just know that I've lost far fewer fish since I've gone to that style of hook. I, too, like the SC15 Gami for tarpon. For fishing in the backcountry (Florida Bay) where most fish are under eighty pounds, it's almost a perfect hook. For ocean side fish during tarpon season I like the Aki better. I also prefer the Aki in the Everglades as the heavier style hook sinks a little quicker and getting your fly down is important in much tarpon fishing in the Glades. In fact, my guide often wraps lead strips (like we use for steelheading--look like matches in a matchbook) around the shank to increase the rate of drop.

Regarding the legs on crab patterns: That's one reason I like to tie crabs without legs. I find the plastic gel type last longer than the rubber. When they get looking really gnarly and the fly is just fine otherwise, I just cut the legs off and keep using the fly. When the whole fly looks too grubby to use I razor blade off the materials and re-use the hook assuming there's nothing wrong with the hook. That doesn't happen often, but it does happen.
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