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My experience at Casey, although so nice and close to the ferry, was that the rip is so fierce that it's not easy to flyfish in it. When I fished away from the rip, it would seem like I was not in the fish (and the gear guys would hookup again to prove that to me).

I guess I didn't have half the knowledge of working rips that I have now from striper fishing on Cape Cod and I might think differently now about that riptide corner south of the Fort - but Bush Pt has an even current that lets the fly work deeper in the column in more of a swing than an eddy, and the stretch between the lighthouse and the bluffs to the right of the launch (emphasis on the curved gravel beach leading toward the light) has pods of fish swimming within 50 feet of shore this time of year.

But if I knew Casey like you do I might have the opposite opinion!

One thing great about all these spots - they change every two minutes except during slack. Without taking a step the character of the spot transforms itself into something different keeping things really interesting.
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