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A Carp Story

Several years ago, I was fishing at Utah Lake near Bird Island. The island was surrounded by bass boats, fishing for Wallies and Cats. I found an open spot on the south end and parked the boat. Almost before the boat stopped moving I threw the PCF on the up wind side of a large pod of big Carp, and as soon as it crossed the edge of the pod a pair of big lips came up and sucked the fly in. The fishing was like this for about 10 casts in a row, and all the fish were in the 12 to 15 lb range. About midway through this I noticed that most of the people in a nearby boat had stopped fishing and were standing on the side of the boat watching me, then after a while they sat down and got out the binoculars. I pulled up and went off to chase another pod of fish and the other boat left in a big hurry.

The next day I relayed this story in the local fly shop, then later in the day I went back for something I had forgotten on my first visit. Micky at the store said, you will never guess what happened. About 5 minuets after you left this morning a couple of guys came in with this story about some guy who came roaring up to Bird Island in his boat and started slaying them with a fly rod, we had been there all day without a bite they said, and this guy caught 10 huge fish in a 1/2 hour and let them all go, what’s up with that. Micky started asking questions like what did the boat look like, and what did this guy look like and then said oh yea we know him. He's fishing for Carp. Carp they said. Oh they said, that explains everything.

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