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an october c&r fishery would be nice for us... but imo it wouldn't drum up much business. just look at the last two weeks of the season throughout the strait from the ocean to port townsend. the heaviest pressure was in sekiu... and since the pressure was light there last year in september... my opinion is that the main reason for the increased pressure was for one reason, and that's that sekiu was open for wild fish retention. a simple change in regs results in a big increase in pressure. past c&r seasons in the strait have seen a immediate drop in pressure (like a boulder being dropped from el capitan in yosemite).

plus, we do have to take into account mortality. most of the hatchery fish have passed by now (the mark rate for those of us fishing in ports that conserve wild coho got real bad after the 15th of september). plus, the average angler handles saltwater salmon way too much for a loose scaled fish... and gear types such as the double hook rig which is common for salmon cause much more damage than a single hook. i think it would be tough to convince the state to extend the season, especially since it would require more funds from the state to pay the fish checkers for an extra month (yes, no fish would be kept, but i'm sure they'd want to know the number of fish c&r'd in this type of fishery).

by all means write wdfw and ask for it (and go to the north of falcon process)... but don't be surprised if they can't find funds for the fishery with the small number of people that would take part in such a fishery.

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