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The two largest permit I have ever hooked were while bonefishing the North Bight of Andros Island. One was hooked on a standard gotcha and the other was hooked on a small fur crab. When I go to Ascension Bay in Mexico I fish only for permit, but we do take bonefish that are more aggressive when they travel along with permit. I just like the fact that the same crab patterns I use at Casa Blanca for permit can also be used at Andros for bones. In fact, sometimes I think the bones prefer them to crazy charlies and gotchas. The fur crabs I tie simply use Antron yarn (off white, tan, and peach colors mostly) with either Polar Fibre or real polar bear for the tail. They come out looking a little like fur crabs with some Kwan features as well. Add a few strands of Krystal Flash and some barring with a marker pen and that's it. We don't even tie most of them with legs any more. They are very simple to tie (two materials and lead eyes) and seem to fish as well as or better than the more complicated versions. The gyno crab is a "secret fly" that I don't even have all of the secrets for as a buddy of mine ties them. They are pretty much a Kwan with polar bear for a tail and long rubber legs. The guy who ties them caught nine permit in five days at Casa Blanca while on his first ever flats' trip. Believe it or not, the preferred color was chartreuse. Chartreuse polar bear looks like a neon sign in the water, but the permit loved them.

I think the biggest advantage of the new hooks is the hooking percentage and hooked to lost ratio. My averages have gone up dramatically since switching to the new hooks. It's most dramatic with tarpon. I landed 3 of the first 29 tarpon I ever jumped. All were jumped using 34007, 3407, or Partridge Homasassa Special hooks. When I switched to the Owner Aki and Gamakatsu SC15 (now my favorite tarpon hooks) I landed the next seven tarpon I jumped. In fact, it might have been 12 for 12 if I hadn't lost a tarpon of well over 100 pounds due to a reel malfunction. Though not as well documented, my averages on other species has improved, also. Trust me, I like them so well I'd gladly pay a couple of dollars per hook if necessary. The price of hooks is so minute when even DIY trip costs are totaled up, that I just can't see not using the best. That goes for tippet material, too. These are two things I obsess about in saltwater fishing.
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