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The battles were great but I wish they would have lasted a little longer. I dont think I was geting a good hookset in them. I had two rods the other day. One was what I was fishing last week...9' #9 with the Rio Deep Sea 350 with a Flashy Lady. I kept that rod handy incase I ran into a pod of a fish, baitball or rip and I would cast to them with that.

But I mostly fished my 9'6" #7 (It is hard to know if you are in a pod of fish with just one rod out plus with the water conditions as they were it was not easy to stand up and cast so I bucktailed 95% of the day) with a straight floating line so that I was truly bucktailing. I was fishing a Trophy Flasher Fly-the fly that was hanging in my rear view mirror that I was showing you. I actually ran it rigged with a stinger so I was really surprised that my ratio of hooked fsh to fish lost was so low. ???

I could tell I wasnt getting good hooksets/hook placement in them because I didnt lose them due to slacklining them or on their jumps or at the boat. I would just feel the line go slack when the fish was running and even when I had my rod doubled over. ???

It was frustrating to say the least!!
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