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I like your ideas on multi purpose flies. Do you ahve picture and tying instructions for the flies you recomend?

OK I'll admit that the real reason I use Mustad hooks is that I live in Europe and they are the only hooks that are widely available.
I still have a few Gamakatsu SL113H hooks that I bought the last time I was in the US but I am running out.

Where do you fish when there is a good chance of catching permit as well as bonefish Mexico?
I have been to Ascension Bay a few times. In my experience when bonefishing seeing permit is a very rare occurance as I believe they normally like different surrounding. Namely a faster moving current and a hard bottom.

I am off to fish Cayo Largo in Cuba next month and I understand that thee could be a few permit around. Some of the flies you recommend could be usefull.


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