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Originally Posted by juro
Good advice for a budget outfit but the problem I have with big mail order / mega sport shop is that they are putting the neighborhood flyshops in a bind. The local fly shop puts a knowledgeable pro into the shop to take care of you, often willing to go the extra mile... but the megashop/mail businesses undercuts the prices by purchasing inventory en masse with a clerk that barely knows how to spell "flyfishing".

When I think back about where my knowledge and flyfishing passion came from, I think about the crusty old guy who somehow managed to make a living at the flyshop in town. I think back about a secret spot he shared with me, or a line recipe, fly pattern, etc. I've even had flyshop pros take me to a spot in person.

Some are certified instructors, and while out trying a rod in the parking lot you might end up getting a tailing loop cleaned up.

I just can't seem to get myself to undermine that important relationship with the flyshops I visit. Just something to think about.
yep. no mailorder shop 1500 miles away is going to tell you what hatches on your river at what time of year and what time of day let alone what fly to use to fish that river. you can't take a mailorder rod out to the parking lot to feel how it loads. you can't ask the salesperson on the phone how to get to the 'money' spot along the flats on the local coast. and i sure as heck wouldn't trust the backing to line knot i rigged on my reel for the first time ever when i can have it done by someone who's done it hundreds of times before.

i've browsed mailorder places before and probably will buy mailorder stuff in the future if the local shop doesn't carry it. but rarely. the local guys are the same price as most places, plus they can hand it to me the same day, plus advice is usually free, plus they can rig it better than me.

what was the subject again?

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