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i wouldn't worry about the date. sekiu has a fixed season (and has been open throughout september for many years). the coastal ports are the ones on a strict quota (neah bay to ilwaco). so if the regulation pamphlet says sekiu closes sept. 30, that's when it closes. now, if one goes west about 20 miles the quota deal is in effect.... but with the wild release requirements, plus sekiu opening at the same time have kept us open throughout the season since the wild release requirements came into effect.

i haven't heard the preliminary reports that ryan mentioned, but have heard that next year's quotas should be about the same as this years quota for the coastal ports. with the amount of feed out in the ocean this summer, the small shakers now seen in the strait and ocean should be fat pigs next summer.

as this season winds down (sunday being the last day in the ocean) i can't help but think back on this season. it started hot in july and peaked as we got that massive august storm... after the storm things changed, but there were still plenty of fish... just a few less than before. what amazed me was the amount of feed this summer. huge schools of baitfish and krill roamed around with the salmon taking full advantage of it (one salmon killed had 11 small herring in it's stomach... and probably puked a couple during the fight). while i look forward to the next couple days fishing, my thoughts drift more towards july of 2002, when we can start this crazy thing all over again. hopefully the ocean conditions stay good and this fishery can maintain itself or even improve.
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