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Now you know why even with all the action we had last week - I left without being sated. The memories of the big deep bodied rod busting hooknoses from many years gone past haunted me. Fish that pulled the old rusty scale out in front of Olsens deep into the teens, and fish with different proportions than the common sleek and silver coho - fish with body dimensions and head dimensions that are as different as a schoolie to a cow striper, a blackmouth to a tyee, a jack to a salmon, and epic leaps to boot.

But I had a blast, and nothing can change that. In the years to come, I will target the monster coho again, and with a little luck the rain will come before I arrive and the encounter will materialize as it has for me years ago.

In those conditions I would have spent at least some time focused on the more sheltered areas east past Mousolini Rock and west past Eagle Pt on the flood to see if the big shouldered bad boys came to the kelp to find bait. There you just cast toward into the depths where you see feeding activity and the reduced wave action might have helped you get a couple hooknoses to hand.

I wonder if there were adjustments to the hook design or size that would have increased the holding power during the fight, but I suspect the boat being tossed had something to do with the dropped fish.

Kudos on braving the big seas alone, you deserved to hook the big nasty salmon - they just won this time that's all.

Anyway, thanks for the awesome report and I am glad you got a taste of hooknose fury; and a taste of Bonny's Bakery magic on the way home. Tough choice between a pass on the lower Elwha but I would have been at Bonny's too ;-)
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