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Originally Posted by jamie
With the high cost of good fishing equipment I like to factor customer service into the value equation.
Yes, Jamie, I agree. The idea of paying for quality and warranty is what appeals to me. I have a Sci Angler system 1 for just as long as the Lamson. No prolems there--and it gets (or was fished) as much or more than the Lamson. I do have an LP (no longer in production ) and it hasn't given me a single problem. Lamson said it had too many problems, that's why they discontinued it. All this could be luck of the draw...

When I worked as a shop pro in Montana, I sold gear because of the quality and warranty. Seems like paying less to get a die-cast reel and a few more ounces of weight may be the way to go. Old-timers I know would not live or fish without their Pfluegars...there's something to be said for experience...

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