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Jim/Kelly Watts Crooked Island video

All I can say is GIMMME SOME o'DAT!!!

The numbers of bonefish they had surrounding them in ankle deep water / spitting distance form the shore looked like the swarms of pogies we had in the 80's!

I wouldn't nominate the video for an academy award but the video quality was very good and the settings and fish populations were nothing short of amazing.

They hit a front while there and the weather was poor, but they still had non-stop action in lee areas (wind was howling) and compared to many striper days on the cape it was a walk in the park. The schools were so big they threw wakes like riptides even in chop. Sometimes they were flippin' to the schools. I can only imagine what it would be like in FAC conditions.

Kelly, I think the world of you but wearing a bright canary red shirt on a flat?! In the scene where the fish absolutely explode away from her, I can guarantee you that reaction was exactly the distance at which the acutely sharp upturned eyes of the scouts in the pod could see her shirt.

Any one with a 101 on Monomoy would think they died and went to bonefish heaven. The downside is the food situation is like camping. You either bring your own or make due with what you find. Personally I would rather have the insanity on the flat than the amenities at the table. It's what we make of it - catch a wahoo, some lobster and bring some fresh groceries from Nassau and we'd dine like kings. Worst that could happen is we get hooked on the local restaurants and forget to cook, like Eddie and I did in Exuma. We never even put on a pot of water for coffee in Valerie's cottages

Some of their inability to hook up even while several hundred fish pods ran them over seemed to be related to the strip technique. I am no seasoned veteran (9 trips so far) but I have found the strip technique to be of utmost importance in getting reluctant bones to eat. These fish were not reluctant at all, but there were scenes of anguish as their flies would get passed over by huge schools. My opinion: don't be one-dimensional with the strip retrieve.

If the LI research does not yield fruit this weekend I am going to book some flights to the end of the archipelago. My family decided that the round/trip leg to/from Nassau is my Xmas present and it comes with a zero-guilt promise in my stocking!
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