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By the time you wrap a body on a Gotcha and similar flies, the color of the hook makes little difference. There are patterns, however, where I would agree with you about translucency. I like the fact that the sun doesn't glint off a black hook, especially the bend of the hook which is pointing up for most patterns. I agree with you regarding bonefish not opening up hooks, but many of the flies I tie for bonefish are also terrific flies for permit and a good sized permit will open a hook. #4 Fur Crabs, #4 & 6 Gyno crabs, even #4 Merkins are proving to be better flies for permit than the old #1 or 1/0 Merkins that were being used even a few years ago (and probably still are in some places and/ or conditions.) I just find that when most guys are quizzed on the subject their main factor in choosing certain hooks like the 34007 comes down to price, and as I stated in my first post on this thread that's a false economy. That's especially true since a few dozen bonefish flies can last for several trips. I just don't see saving 20 cents or so per hook as being worth it. It's sort of like when my mother-in-law travels half-way across town to buy two heads of lettuce because they're 50 cents cheaper per head at that store than the store in her neighborhood.
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