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The best advice I could give would be to visit the places that sell flyrods. Cast different flyrods to see what you are comfortable with.

"All around outfit?" You can't go wrong with a 6wt. I've caught LM bass that went 20" on a 6wt...a 6wt has more power than you believe.

I prefer 3pc and 4pc rods. Modern day flyrods are more sensitive than the old fiberglass ones. Besides, 3 & 4pc rods are compact and store nicely.

Beginner outfit? You can't go wrong with Bass Pro Shop's combo the "Hobbs Creek Combo." I have the 4wt. My 4wt casts nice, is light, and at 7' 6", has plenty of reach! You can purchase the Hobbs Creek from 4wt to 8wt. A 5wt or 6wt would be a fine "all purpose outfit." You get the rod, reel, backing, line, and leader for $100-$110).

My little 4wt has caught bluegills, crappies, and plenty of 12" LM bass.

Stay away from the expensive outfits for now. After you develop your flyfishing skills, then move up to better rods.

I've been flyrodding for 4 yrs, and I love my little Hobbs Creek 4wt! Fun little outfit!
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