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Carp Flys ( Pop Corn)

Ever see a pod of carp on a pond when people are feeding the ducks. The carp in these places are keyed into bread and popcorn. This can be some fast action on the surface for some big fish. Cast the fly either to fish feeding in the surface film or blind cast. Its important to get their attention so deliver the fly with as much of a splash as possible.

Pop Corn Fly

Hook TMC 105 or equivalent
Body: White 2mm close cell foam
Thread: Flat Waxed Nylon

Cut a strip of foam about 8 mm wide, cut one piece 27 mm long and another 23 mm long and trim the ends round. ( I made a set of punches out of the modeling clay cutters you buy at the craft store).
Wrap the thread along the length of the hook several times and build up a good base.
Lay the foam strips on top of each other, the shorter one on top of the longer one so that they are centered then double them over. All four ends should be about even.
Hold the foam over the hook so that the trimmed ends are about 1 to 2 mm past the eye of the hook. Wrap two soft loops around the middle of the foam and then gradually tighten the loop until the cut ends flare out. Wrap another 6 or so wraps of thread around the foam, then wrap the thread around the hook just behind the eye and finish with a double whip finish.
Turn the fly up side down in the vice and add three drops of CA glue to the thread under the hook. It should soak in under the foam.

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