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I strongly suggest that your carry-on luggage include everything that you need to fish with, personal toiletries, and a change of clothing.

Baggage that doesn't make the trip over is based strictly upon weight, and it is highly probably that one or several pieces will not make the first trip over with your group. The winner of the lost luggage lottery will spend several days near a phone and regularly meeting the ferry to see if the luggage made it over as promised. Knowing the "800" phone numbers for the airlines and local ferry phone number will be a plus. Also, don't fly out of Miami if you can avoid it.

When looking at the contents of your carry-on, ask yourself what is the minimum esstential you will need for the first three days. Based upon my experience since 1982, that's my .02 cents worth. Wish I was going with y'all as your about to have a blast.
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